Who Am I? And Why Do I Blog

I am Bui Quang Tinh Tu, currently working as Marketing Director of Ringier AG is Vietnam, Switzerland’s largest multinational media company. Previously I also assumed positions at Wall Street English and Lazada Vietnam. You can view my full profile on Linkedin.

I has been working in marketing for years and I love tinkering as well as learning everything related to marketing and technology. I still often feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of knowledge that I need to learn in order to improve myself. Learning is like a never-ending road, and there are many crossroads, it is important to go pick myself and do what direction. I myself chose to expand their knowledge about the array-related marketing (whether online or offline), and new technologies to cater to marketing.

Why do I blog?

Most of marketers are doing now is trying to bring traffic and exposure to the website but for me, personally I want to go a step further to find out what make visitors become customers and what make one time customers become frequently returning customers, in other words, the underlying reason for a conversion to take place.

It is the reason why I created the blog Conversion.vn, with the aim to record a portion of what I learn and to share this knowledge to people who are currently looking for the same answers as I did. My wish is to help people gain access to knowledge in a fast, correct, and in-depth manner. This would help people save time rather than learning from a variety of sources which can be confusing. The main theme of the blog are the issues related to digital marketing, social marketing, SEO – SEM, technology and all relevant things.

I want to drive this blog to the direction of co-writing, i.e if you are reading this blog and would like to participate in writing for one of the topics on the blog to share experiences, feel please contact me.

All the information needed to contact me: tu.bui@conversion.vn or add me on Skype: tinhtu-iconic.
Or contact me on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buiquangtinhtu
LinkedIn: http://vn.linkedin.com/in/tinhtu/
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+BuiQuangTinhTu/

You can also find Conversion.vn on Facebook and Google Conversion.vn Plus:

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Nếu bạn có nhu cầu tư vấn về chiến lược, định hướng phát triển hay freelance về các dịch vụ marketing, xin liên hệ: 0907987060 (Tú Bùi).

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Hien are is Director of Marketing Store Vietnam Ringier AG. Digital Marketing and passionate about sharing knowledge as expected những scraped past tense as multiple users of coal, I was quyết create conversion.vn blog. If need to contact me, please email as through tu.bui@conversion.vn

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