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In this article I synthesize all online seminars (webinars) in Facebook Blueprint Series. Each workshop will be led by an expert of Facebook or its partners. These experts share the diversity of topics and provide guidance and advice to help users learn how to be able to take advantage of the full power of Facebook advertising tools. A total of 34 videos is the entire series of Facebook Blueprint released in 2016 (including some videos that Facebook has now removed). For these videos, I took the initiative and divided them into these main topics: Facebook toolsets, Performance and Measurement, Branding and Awareness, Content and Creative, Mobile and App. You can watch individual videos by clicking on the link or click on the link for all the videos below.

Facebook toolsets

These seminars are about the features and functions of all the advertising tools that Facebook are providing such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Audience Network and how users can fully leverage each tool’s performance. The seminars also provide guidance about the new ad formats ads such as lead form, slideshows, video, dynamic ads to help users better understand them and know how to combine these tools to generate the highest value. Helpful for those of you who are still new and need deeper understanding of the advertising tools and features of Facebook ads.

Acquiring New Customer Using Facebook Lead Ads

Carousel Format for Facebook Ads

Creating a Successful Facebook Event

Fueling Your eCommerce Business with Dynamic Ads

Getting Started with Bots – Automation and Messenger

Getting Started with Instagram Business Tools

How to Find Your Ideal Audience on Facebook Instagram and the Audience Network

How to Make The Most of Dynamic Ads

Messenger Best Practices

Slideshows on Facebook and Instagram

Staying Competitive in the Facebook Ads Auction

Tips from Wayfair on How to Find Success with Dynamic Ads

Getting the Most Out of Facebook Instagram and the Audience Network

Getting The Most Out of Instagram and Facebook Together

How to Win This Holiday Season With Facebook Instagram and the Audience Network

Maximize Your Ad Campaign With The Facebook Pixel

Performance and Measurement

The focus of these seminars is on how to better measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns and thereby generate more orders / conversions with these tools from Facebook. Facebook also promotes awareness of the ability to measure store visitors who and then guide users on how to monitor these metrics. Useful for those who had the basic understanding and want to delve deeper into understanding how to increase conversion rates and sales performance for Facebook advertising campaigns.

Drive and Measure In-store Visits and Sales with Facebook

Driving New Customer Acquisition with Facebook

Instagram Performance Marketing Update

Advanced Performance Marketing on Instagram

Local Awareness Ads and Store Visit Measurement

Performance Marketing on Instagram

Branding and Awareness

Besides the ability to deliver targeted campaigns which is highly accurate and fairly easy to measure, Facebook also wants to demonstrate that its tools are very effective in increasing brand awareness for users. The seminars in this section aims to bring advice and guidance to viewers on how they can set up the campaigns that bring maximum brand awareness with Facebook’s advertising based on indicators such as reach and frequency. Helpful for those of you who care about branding and brand awareness.

Brand Awareness Objective – A new way to earn attention and build your brand

Brand Building on Instagram

Building Your Brand with Reach and Frequency

Taking Your Business to The World with Facebook

Content and Creative

Content is very important whether you run advertising for sales or awareness purposes. The seminars aims at guiding the viewers on how to create interesting and creative content with the appropriate formats to run on Facebook’s tools. Suitable for those who are interested in creating content for Facebook in particular and social networks in general.

Branded Content on Facebook

Creative Considerations – Crafting Video for Mobile Feed

Creative Matters – Pre-testing Ads for Creative Success

Driving Awareness and Sales with Video Solutions

Driving Sales with Creative Story Telling

Mobile and App

Finally, these seminars focus on how to optimize the advertising activities aim at increasing app installs, settings advertising campaigns easily right on the phone and sell more products via mobile apps in retail. Suitable if you are managing a mobile app or doing sales with mobile app.

Building Your App Business Beyond Holiday Season

Built with Mobile – How to Build Great Ads Using Your Phone

Promoting a Successful App – from Install to Sales

You can watch all the videos here: Conversion.vn Youtube Channel – Facebook Blueprint

Have a great weekend, you all.

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