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This article is on the occasion when a young guy write a share about: “No money / Not knowing how to run Adwords ads, Facebook then we have no choice but to spam?” Personally I have some thoughts on this and reply to that guy, now I would like share the same thoughts on this for everyone to comment. Here is my answer to the question above:

“Spamming is a matter which, whether you want or not, always exists in parallel with other forms of formal advertising and the choice of which form to do is the decision of each of us.

However, we should think like this: whatever we do, do it with ethics. There are things supposed to be normal and that  everyone does it but should do or not is another thing. For example, in Latin America, one of the regions with the highest crime rate in the world, criminals can enter the house, with guns in their hands, kidnap the wives, husbands and children and leave a claim for money. After that most of the family members will pay ransom instead of coming the police because most of the polices are helpless or corrupt. After the payment, the hostage is returned, everyone is happy. Anyone who used to watch Man on Fire will understand. That is normal in Latin America, but is that what it should be?

Comparing abduction and blackmailing spam may be a little harsh, however, the main idea here is that you may not realize what you are doing is not advisable (both the kidnapped families and the captors- because everyone does so) but accepting that will only cause the whole system to go down and get worse.


Just because anyone can do that does not mean that it is the right thing to do. Source: bbc

It’s the same for advertising, a good advertising orientation is the environment where the advertisements give users a good experience, appear in the right time, right place, right needs and for those who need. And this is the future direction that the whole world is aiming for, which people like me support. Not like spam, spam makes the user feel uncomfortable, spam causes wasted bandwidth, waste of advertisers’ money and create many different implications. It’s something that is invisible but pulls everything down and is why I do not encourage spam when advertising.

You may not be able to run effective Facebook or AdWords ads, but there is nothing that prevents you from learning more. You may be poor but you can not be poor forever (and doing spam still makes you poor then what is the?). There are always two paths: a difficult and an easy one. Spam is easy, no need to think, no need to analyze, no need to care who is who and do not need creativity. Real ads are harder, you have to think hard, have to analyze, be creative, have to research the user, pay the price of time to learn. And what is easy to do will not keep you progressed, now, what would you choose?

I only share my thoughts because this problem is also in my mind for a long time and because I see some young people think about this slightly negative, so I write it here as a little contribution of opinions. There is no point in criticizing, and what you actually do with your job is your own decision. ”

What do you think about running spam and not spam? Please comment below.

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