Who Am I? And Why Do I Blog

My name is Bui Quang Tinh Tu, currently working as CMO of a foreign invested technology company focuses on making life easier for all Vietnamese. Before that I worked as Marketing Director for Ringier Vietnam, a part of Ringier AG – Switzerland’s largest privately owned communications company. Previously I also assumed positions at Wall Street English and Lazada Vietnam. You can view my full profile on Linkedin below.

I has been working in marketing for years and I love tinkering as well as learning everything related to marketing and technology. I still often feel overwhelmed by the huge amount of knowledge that I need to learn in order to improve myself. Learning is like a never-ending road, and there are many crossroads, it is important to pick a direction for myself go forward. I myself chose to expand my knowledge about marketing segments (whether online or offline), and new technologies related to marketing.

Why do I blog?

What many marketers are doing now is trying to bring traffic and exposure to their websites but for me, personally I want to go a step further to find out what make visitors become customers and what make one time customers become frequently returning customers, in other words, the underlying reason for a conversion to take place.

It is the reason why I created the blog Conversion.vn, with the aim to record a portion of what I learn and to share this knowledge to people who are currently looking for the same answers as I did. My wish is to help people gain access to knowledge in a fast, correct, and in-depth manner. This would help people save time rather than learning from a variety of (low-quality) sources which can be confusing. The main theme of the blog are the issues related to marketing overall, digital marketing, social marketing, SEO – SEM, technology and all relevant things.

You can also find Conversion.vn on Facebook and Google Conversion.vn Plus:

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If you are interested in my consulting service for your business, please call me: 0907987060 (Tú Bùi).
Or email me: [email protected]
Or add me on Skype: tinhtu-iconic
Also, you can find me on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/buiquangtinhtu
LinkedIn: http://vn.linkedin.com/in/tinhtu/

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Hien are is Director of Marketing Store Vietnam Ringier AG. Digital Marketing and passionate about sharing knowledge as expected những scraped past tense as multiple users of coal, I was quyết create conversion.vn blog. If need to contact me, please email as through [email protected]

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