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Mobile SEO and Optimizing Conversion Rate for Mobile

This article is intended to inform you about an aspect that has not been paid enough attention to: optimization for the mobile version of the website. The optimizing here is not just about technical refinements or mobile SEO to increase rankings but also about improving...
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5 Heplful A/B Testing and Analytical Tools

Measurement, testing, and evaluation to continually improve quality and design on the website are integral parts of your job if you want to increase your conversions and supposedly what you need to do every day. What is A / B testing and how does it...
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The End of Free Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and without doubt one of the most used platforms for advertising today. Every service, company, brand in addition to the need to have a website is required to have a page on Facebook to reach their customers on...
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Raise the Conversion Rate for Your E-commerce Website

What is conversion rate? Conversion rate (CR) is the metric measuring how potential customers become the real customers when they buy your product or service. This CR index is usually the percentage of customers compared to the total number of visits of the entire website...
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