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What is conversion rate?

Conversion rate (CR) is the metric measuring how potential customers become the real customers when they buy your product or service. This CR index is usually the percentage of customers compared to the total number of visits of the entire website or of an advertising channel. Many services make the mistake of trying to make more than visits to their site, while ignoring the fundamental flaws within the website, which, if being corrected, will increase significantly theconversion rate, helping to increase revenue at extremely low cost.

Having worked with customers who are sales sites in Vietnam, I can easily see that improving conversion rates brings vital elements to service in this fiercely competitive sales environment. . Increasing the conversion rate should be paid more attention and attention because attracting customers to the site is difficult, convincing them to buy the item and pay is even more difficult, so why not doing everything to make buying easier for customers and to stimulate them to buy. This article is written under my working experience as well as the knowledge I have summarized in many places, it will help you increase your CR with just a few of the methods and some of the changes listed below.

I. User Experience

Let’s start with something simple but not everyone can do it right. Be aware that if the site is too annoying and confusing, no one will buy from you. A good website needs to be easy to use and allow people who want to buy to buy. So where do the websites usually go wrong?

1. Website Accessibility

This may sound too obvious because if you want customers to buy, then they must visit and use the site first. However, you will be surprised to know that a lot of web pages when created have made basic mistakes, making the search engines can not find, index, completely lost a valuable visiting source from search results. Choosing the wrong hosting results in the slow access to the website, or website being flickering often is also one of the factors driving the customer out of your site. So before you do anything further, make sure your website is running well, accessible and not having technical problems usually.

Don’t let your website be like this on gooogle.

2. Clear, intuitive information

Most of the customers want to know about the product before buying money, you would be the same. Did you help your customers easily find the information they want to see? If they want to see the technical information of the product, where they have to click, if they want to see the information about the payment, delivery of goods, where they have to find. Some sites when I enter, I only see a piece of content offering to purchase and a photo of the product, and nothing else. This is probably one of the most basic mistakes that many websites make. If customers need useful information to motivate them to buy something, don’t stand still and go provide them. If you do not have full product information then customers will go to other places to find out and also they will also buy at that place.


Full product information will stimulate customers to buy products.

3. Browser compatibility

There are many web designers and programmers who do not care about reviewing web sites on different browsers to ensure that they are displayed well and the same at least on basic browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorerand homogeneous. With the advent of mobile devices, you need to pay attention to how the site will display on popular mobile browsers such as Safari, Android Browser, etc. Not noticing this means you are leaving behind about 5% – 10% of your potential customers.


Browser compatibility is one of the factors you need to pay attention to.

4. Purchasing button

When customers decide to buy, what do they do? They click the purchasing button. How do they do it? They will click on the button that says “purchase” or something like that. What happens when they do not see the button they want to click? They get annoyed and they leave (usually visit the competitor’s website) and buy it there. Did you know that most people do not like scrolling down the screen too much? Therefore placing important items (such as purchasing buttons) above the default display of the site is essential. This button is also important in increasing the conversion rate. Shopping buttons need to have a prominent color, with a call to action line, clear and concise. The purchase button does not have to be flashy or boring, but it must be clear. There are many websites today that still leave the purchasing button inconspicuous, too hard to see or hidden at the bottom of the page. In many cases, just by changing the purchase button, you can see the CR of sales increasing by 10% – 30%.


Purchasing button on Amazon, clear and prominent

Just look at the points above, we can see that it is easy to create a bad site, just by not paying attention to the little things. Make sure your website is easy to access, easy to use, compatible with many browsers and easy to buy so you can make people who want to buy – buy on your web.

II. How it works

The following are not just technical issues related to website or technical interfaces, but also the way the company operates and behaves with its customers. There are things that are policy-oriented but it affects a lot of customers’ purchasing decisions and therefore should be addressed. Here are some things to keep in mind when selling online to increase conversion rates.

1. Being clear and honest about the goods and the prices

If you have a product that is out of stock, please update soon. There is nothing that frustrates shoppers than reading all the information about the product they want to purchase, clicking on the product, filling out the account information, paying and finally receiving an email or a phone call saying the purchase is canceled because the product was out of order. I have seen a lot of customers react negatively when encountering this situation and they will not only never buy from your website anymore but will also go to social networks or personal blogs to complain about this, making negative press that affects your brand. Even though the goods being available or not sometimes depend on the supplier and sometimes there are many people order at the same time, the problem is that if the product status updates are better then it will avoid making your customers annoyed.

Similar to the price, if you spend 2-3 million to buy an item and when paying, you know it will cost you more to ship the item + 10% for the value added tax then most likely you will stop the purchase because you think you have been cheated for paying extra than the price listed on the other product. This is like when you visit a restaurant, eat and drink, pay for the owner and then get charged at the parking, you will also get upset. A few money for parking ticket is not what makes you angry, it is the fee that you do not know before and, to be honest if the owner add that amount of parking fee to the bill for the food, probably you won’t feel that way.


Please give me 5 thoundsands for parking fee ~ *what*

It is therefore necessary that you make it clear about the fees that the customer will pay for the purchase of the item, which may include shipping charges, VAT (if any), which are close to the price so customers are not surprised with the extra money. If they know it beforehand, they will be more receptive and you will see fewer canceled orders.

2. Do not waste customers’ time

One of the things that annoys me is that sometimes websites require too much information unnecessarily. Sometimes I just bought an item from this sales site because I found the item I needed through the Google search results but I’m not sure I would ever have the need to buy one here again. Why do I have to register for “next time purchase more convenient”? In the age when more and more people are concerned about the security of their personal information, it is not a good idea to demand too much for unnecessary things to do.

So if customers want to buy, let them buy it freely. Want to have customer information? Ok, you can give them the option to sign up for an account on your website after they have successfully made a purchase and this process is not required. You will be surprised to find that if customers feel the ordering on your website easy and comfortable, after the purchase is complete and see the option to register the account, the chances of them clicking the registration will surprisingly increase. It is certainly more than forcing you to register your account at checkout and face the risk of leaving unpaid or unregistered purchases. +1 for conversion rate.


Do not force customers to submit information when they do not want to. Let them volunteer.

3. Gaining trust from customers

The vast majority of people today are still careful when shopping online and they are quite right to do so. Not everyone can give credit or bank account information or home addresses. Therefore, services need to do everything to first and foremost gain trust from customers. When they trust, they will be more comfortable shopping. Here are some simple things you can do to increase your trust.

+ Address: The company or service must have a clear address so that users can at least know that they have a place to contact (if there are problems with the purchase). Adding a map next to customers to visualize the location of the company is also a good way. If your company’s primary address is somewhere slightly out of the city center, you can now think of using representative office services to create more professionalism.

+ Phone Number: Website always needs at least a fixed phone number to create trust. It is better if fax number is possible. Hotline and call center are also good ideas. Absolutely you should not just leave the cell phone number because it creates feelings of lack of trust.

+ Email: The email address should have domain of service, absolutely do not use free email addresses (@gmail, @ yahoo.com.vn, etc.) as it makes your service sound… cheap.

+ Website Design: Make sure your website looks good and does not look like lacking of decoration, lack of investment. Customers may think that if you have not invested in a decent website then you will probably be treating the same with their order.

+ Social Networks: Today many people even look at the social network account of a company to see if that company is well known. Open a Facebook fanpage of a company and you find it packed with information, with thousands of likes, comments and conversations, you also feel to trust them more. Make sure you have at least a Facebook page for the company and it must be active.

+ Information: Privacy Policy pages as well as clear shipping and payment terms are also recommended to make users more confident with your service.

+ Partners: Naming the big partners you are working with on the website is one way to build trust.

+ Security: If your website has https, SSL, VeriSign security certificate, show their logos to customers. Peace in mind sometimes comes only from the eye.

 Trust is highly important – source: Explosm.net

If you can do all the above then it is quite likely that customers will like you and feel more trustful with your service. And when customers are more trustful, they are likely to buy more and thereby increase the conversion rate for you.

4. Return Policy

The questions that I received from many people who do not know much about e-commerce and the purchase of goods online is: “What if the goods is already broken? Can I return or exchange it? Is there any trial?” . Returning after purchasing is something that neither the seller nor the buyer wants. If they buy a product at a store, then if there is any problem, they just have to take the bill and warranty card to the store, explain the problem and can return. But shopping online is not the same, especially for items that are usually more convenient for the consumer if they can try it (fashion, clothing) or touch, test (expensive products. such as camera, sound system, plasma / LCD TV etc.). Therefore, it is important to allow the buyer the ability to exchange easily and conveniently.

If customers are impressed by the return policy of your service, chances are they will buy the product from you and will definitely come back to buy in the future. Did you know that sometimes customers are willing to pay more in exchange for a little peace of mind and trust? The same item, but your website is a bit higher than a website but because your party has a policy of good return and trust with them before, customers are still willing to buy with you. . It can be said that this is the best form of faith and loyalty that customers can afford for a service.

If the goods have to be repaid, it is a good idea to consider the free shipping of the goods because nobody likes to pay for the return, especially if the mistake is a mistake from the seller. Give your customers time to trade. 30 days is the usual time for return, but if shipping takes longer (2-3 weeks when shipping to international buyers), a 30 day policy should be applied. receive. Some of the ways that can be applied to local customers when you can deliver home delivery include allowing customers to tear the package to check the product before payment, giving customers a trial product in time. How long and have the right to change during that time.


Reasonable return policy will create peace of mind and loyalty.

5. Update Buyer Information

When customers buy products online, they want to know when the item they bought will be delivered to hand. Human nature is always hasty and want to have everything as fast as possible. Allowing customers to see the expected delivery time when they make a purchase is a good start. Next, they need to email them when the goods are sent so customers know that the product is on their way to their home. If you are shipping goods to a 3rd party shipping customer, provide them with an tracking number so they can check the delivery progress online. Let customers know the progress of delivery step by step, before and after delivery. After the delivery period, you can send an email confirming that they have received the goods and that they are satisfied with the item and that you are willing to assist them if something goes wrong.

Customers will feel that you really care about their orders and believe in your service. If the goods arrive on time and the customer is satisfied then they will probably buy at your website next time, they may also tell their friends about your service, contributing to the increase in conversion rate.


6. Supported with different payment methods

Not everyone has a credit card, debit card, bank account or Paypal, so you should give your customers more convenient payment method, any way that make your customers feel the most comfortable when purchasing. In Vietnam, the method of paying by cash on delivery is still the most preferred method because customers feel comfortable and they can check the goods before deciding whether to buy the product or not.

phuong-phap-chi-th jpg

Having multiple payment methods will benefit buyers

7. Improve your purchase value

When customers are looking at a product on your website, chances are they are interested and intend to learn about it before buying. But if the product they are looking at now has something wrong they may be leaving to find a better product. So what do you do? When customers are looking at products, show them similar products. When customers click to buy a product, do the same. If you can show your customers a series of products that are similar to what they are looking at, then they are likely to find a product that meets their needs which the current product can not, and will buy it. This is a marketing method that has been used and has been demonstrating its effectiveness at many big e-commerce sites around the world and there is no reason not to use it on your website.

In addition to offering similar products, you can also showcase products that can be combined and come with the product they buy. For example, if you order a dress, give some types of belt that can fit into that dress, or high heels, or scarf, etc. If combining skillfully, you will be able to increase the purchase value of customers and improve conversion rate significantly.


Orienting the buyers to sell more

8. Be useful and worth remembering

A good website will often have useful information such as articles, tips, reviews, and more to help customers when they are researching the product before making a purchase. When shopping online, customers will often learn about the product before making a purchase, and if you can reach customers at this time, give them a positive impression and better orientation then high chances are that they will decide to buy the product from you.

In addition to the useful information, become a brand which is well remembered by shoppers because it will not work if everyone knows how great your site is but no one remember its name. This depends on many factors such as the brand and how you conduct marketing for your website. We will have an opportunity to go into an article on how to advertise a website in another article.


If your customers do not remember your brand, then it’s worth nothing.

9. Know your specific strengths

This is one of the most important points in helping you survive among hundreds, thousands of other competitors in the market. If customers have many options to buy from different websites, why do they choose you? There are many companies and services that do not know about their particular strengths, though most have their own points. Are you a traditional brand with long service? Is your service a successor of many generations? Do you have good customer service? Cheap prices? Is your product exclusive? Delivery free? All that is characteristic, the rest is you have to make the buyer know it. If your strengths are what your customers are looking for, they are more likely to buy from you.


Let your customers know about your specials. Source: gettyimage

This article may be expanded if more information is available. Hope this is a useful reference guide if you are looking for ways to improve and increase the conversion rate for your sales website. If you have any comments or suggestions on the article or would like to discuss further, please comment below.

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