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LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks in the world in terms of the number of users (nearly 400 million users), if not counting the OTTs, it can stand in the top 10. This social network has long been considered as a more serious version than its brother, Facebook. A problem of LinkedIn is that its number of monthly active users is not high (only about 100 million of 400 million users – statista.com), partly because many people consider LinkedIn as a profile page for showcasing their backgrounds and CVs rather than a social network site to share on a regular basis.

So what is LinkedIn’s solution to this situation?

The LinkedIn interface has been completely redesigned on the mobile app. In the past, it was rather boring, now it seems more dynamic and has more interactive features for users. LinkedIn understands the future of social network in general is in the mobile.

Similar to Facebook, on the LinkedIn app you now have a newsfeed tab to keep track of all your connections. You also have a tab to see all interactions relevant to you (who likes, comments, shares post, who endorses your skills, who you connect with, etc.) as well as some profile information. And it has a tab containing messages from all connections and a tab containing all updates related to your connections in form of cards (like Google Now).


With regards to the LinkedIn’s chat message section, anyone who used the previous version would feel it very slow and heavy and basically in the same way as an email, not a messenger (formerly it was called In-Mail). The big change from LinkedIn is that it turns this into a chat messenger similar to Facebook’s chat section, giving users the ability to communicate quickly and conveniently.


Article, one of LinkedIn’s recent updates is the ability to allow users to post articles, turning LinkedIn into a blogging platform in which people can write content to share about related issues (professionally).


Changes to this social network will in essence make the user feel comfortable to use more often and interact more. These are big changes in the direction of LinkedIn, but it is likely that it will cause LinkedIn to lose its inherent quality and lose a customer base who is loyal to its value. These changes will have an effect on this social network, let’s wait and see.

Some brands have also started using LinkedIn to advertise, but sadly they think LinkedIn is Facebook and post such miscellaneous stuff on the social network. Inbox spam is no longer just a matter of Facebook, but even on LinkedIn, this has also begun to appear.

It has both good and bad sides, but for the writer, after these changes, I feel that I will use LinkedIn more frequently and interact more. It would be interesting to see whether LinkedIn could be revived after being overwhelmed by other social networks.

What do you think of this change in LinkedIn? Please share your thoughts below.

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