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Facebook Audience Optimization – Engagement

Facebook has recently announced that Audience Optimization is available for people who manage fanpages. This tool allows the fanpage’s admin to select and target the audience (among those who like their fanpage) so that their content is reachable to certain groups of audience. How does...
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The Emergence of a Completed Facebook Ecosystem?

In this article I would like to take a moment to ponder a bit about the ambitious steps of the Facebook ecosystem and what this social networking is aiming to and building around us. Detaching the social network application and the OTT messenger Most of...
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When Facebook Page Metrics Lose Theirs Values

Facebook is now a very popular advertising channel in Vietnam, with most major brands having their own fan page and we may find offer for Facebook advertising services everywhere from agencies to groups and individuals. As with Google, the advertisers will look at the metrics...
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The End of Free Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and without doubt one of the most used platforms for advertising today. Every service, company, brand in addition to the need to have a website is required to have a page on Facebook to reach their customers on...
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