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2015 is coming to an end and a new year is approaching, let’s together with conversion.vn take a look at some of the new digital trends that may go mainstream for 2016. These trends have begun in 2015 or even before but 2016 is their time to take off and have a bigger impact. These trends in technology and advertising can greatly affect you, a digital marketer. Are you ready to take on them and what are you prepared to take advantage of these trends in your upcoming advertising strategy? Here are 13 trends that, according to the writer, will have a big impact on how brands can interact and reach users in advertising:

1. Facebook service search

Leveraging its social power, Facebook has taken a step forward in the area of search service, competing directly with classified ads service sites (generally called ads). This is really a shocking news because in fact, Facebook can become a powerful competitor in this respect.

From a marketer perspective: If in 2016, this feature is strongly promoted by Facebook, then it may be your time to look back at the channels in which your brand wants to appear, especially for restaurant, hotel, dining venue brands. In addition to appearing on regular channels such as Foody, Agoda, iVivu, TripAdvisor, etc., you will now need to consider making sure your brand is also on Facebook search results when users search for the corresponding keywords.

2. Facebook search engine – information search on Facebook

Does Facebook have the potential to compete with Google and dominate the search field? Entirely possible. This section has been analyzed in-depth in the article FSO – Facebook Search Optimization, you can read to understand more.

From a marketer perspective: Facebook is gradually refining its search capabilities, and perhaps it is time that, in addition to SEO, perhaps you need to think more about FSO – Facebook Search Optimization, and how to make your brand appear higher on relevant search results.

3. Facebook Messenger integration – when OTT takes the throne

This topic has also been discussed in detail in an article not long ago. Facebook is beginning to integrate 3rd party features into Facebook Messenger and turn this OTT tool into a platform to start attacking different fileds. Facebook is currently experimenting with features such as paying and booking Uber cars, and in the future other applications may also be integrated.

From a marketer perspective: As Facebook Messenger becomes a new platform, it’s time when you need to focus on it as a whole new channel with the ability to bring high traffic and relatively distent user trends.

4. Facebook E-commerce – selling through Facebook


Source: facebook

Facebook has long been preparing to step into the e-commerce as mentioned in this article. The rest of the features of Facebook’s ecosystems to wholly attack the e-commerce may soon be completed by 2016, and then a large portion of your orders will be made on Facebook not just on a website.

From a marketer perspective: at this point one of your difficulties may come from the measurement. If a conversion is done on your website then you can collect data and measure but if you sell on Facebook it may not be the same. At least until now there are no features or tools that support measurement on Facebook.

5. 360 degree video – interacting at a wider angle

360 video was launched by Youtube in 2015 and quickly became a new favorite way for brands to interact with users in a different way. The example video above is a 360-degree video ad for the Paranormal Activity in which viewers can both watch and rotate in different angles. Both Youtube and Facebook now apply the 360 video features for users (it is currently only available on iOS for Facebook).

From the perspective of a marketer: 360 degree video opens doors to advertisers with the ability to create new ways to interact with the user. The cost of buying a cheap 360 camera is not too high ($ 300 – $ 600), such as the Kodak SP360 or other cameras supported by Youtube. You can easily order on Amazon or on other sales pages.

6. Video live streaming – watching everything remotely in real time

The live streaming feature allows viewers to watch an event anywhere in real time, without having to have a camera or a complex satellite device. Live streaming offers an endless possibility in which each person with just one mobile device which can record video and have a network connection is able to become a television station. Both Youtube and Facebook now allow live streaming. For Youtube, if you want to live stream then you need to install an encoding software and need configure a little. It is simpler with Facebook, but now Facebook only supports live streaming for iOS phones.

From the perspective of a marketer: live streaming is a big step forward in delivering and sharing video and will definitely change the behavior of users in the upcoming time. If you have a show, a workshop, a performance then now you can take advantage of live streaming to bring it to more viewers. Or, you should make sure the wifi infrastructure at the venue is steady enough to assure that viewers can easily stream the show to their friends.

7. Advertising with 2nd party data

Before continuing, you need to understand:

1st party data: It is your data, collected from channels, platforms and located in your company’s database. For example, customers visit your website and leave their information, it is the 1st party data.

3rd party data: This is the data of another party or another company. These data can be resold for you to use for your advertising purposes.

2nd party data: This is a new format, essentially it is your data but you will exchange the data with a third party (in this case it may be Facebook or Google) and match these data to reach to the customers of a 3rd party service.\


source: facebook

Facebook has long allowed marketers to advertise and target with 2nd party data with Custom Audience. Google has also recently launched this feature for AdWords users with Customer Match. 2016 will be the year that the 2nd party data really flourishes with the widespread and popular application in many respects.

From a marketer perspective: With the growing popularity of CRM systems, companies are becoming more aware of the customer’s lifecycle and thereby increasing the usefulness of advertising with the 2nd party data. Imagine if you know that there is a group of customers who are hesitating to sign a purchase because they feel that your product price is a bit high, you can export the list of these customers and put into the advertising systems on Facebook or Google Display with advertising banners showing the 10% discount for them if they buy today. This way, you can bring ads with optimized content specificly to that customer to help improve the ad performance.

8. App Indexing: the accession of SEO for the app?


Source: tecnoblog.net

How many times have you installed an app on your phone, opened it once and then forgot about its existence? Google offers the app indexing feature to solve this problem by indexing the information inside the app and they will likely appear on mobile search results if the content matches. As an example, if you search for a movie, the IMBD application will likely appear on the search results, and if you click on it, two things will happen:

+ If you already have the IMDB installed, this app will automatically be turned on and you will automatically be taken to the correct section about the movie.

+ If you do not have the IMDB installed yet, you will be directed to the app installer page on Google Play or the App Store and after you install and open the app, you will be taken to the right section about that movie.

So now app indexing does not just bring users back to your app but can also contribute to increasing the number of organice installations that is an important indicator in app store optimization (ASO) to improve the ranking on the application market.

From a marketer perspective: optimizing the app from development to make Google index the app and get a higher possibility of appearance are essential. This process needs to be defined and planned from the content development and programming stage of the application.

9. Electronic Assistant: The New Search Trends


source: google

iOS has Siri, Android has Google Now, and Windows Phone has Cortana. These are the digital assistants that are becoming more and more popular with users. They help users find places around them, check the weather, find their way, etc. Particularly, these search commands are done through voice. And this will probably be the trend in the future simply because it is more convenient and much faster than typing keywords into the browser.

From a marketer perspective: the way these electronic assistants display results is also quite different from normal search results. Another difference is that the keywords that people use to search the browser or the search engine is a little different than when searching with electronic assistants, one is by writing, the other is y speaking. Therefore when you do SEO, you maybe need to optimize content that has a bit of talking style so that your content is likely to rank higher when users search by voice through these electronic assistants.

10. Marketing automation: automating marketing tasks


source: freepik

Marketing automation in definition is that you automate some repetitive marketing tasks to improve the efficiency through connecting and using marketing tools. Marketing automation is usually applied to email, SMS, social, website, tracking, etc.

For example, a customer goes to your website and leaves hí information, automatically they will a welcoming email. Their information is included in the CRM linked to the call center and they will be contacted by a consultant for advice and support, after being consulted they receive another email confirming the time and place in which they will come to the project location for further reference. A few hours before the appointment, an SMS will be sent automatically to remind them. Once they arrive and review the project, talk to the consultant and go home, customers are still wondering about the price. After the consultation, the additional information of the client (housing, occupation, income, purpose of purchasing the project, disturbed, etc.) will be exploited by the  the consultant to update on the CRM system. At this time, depending on the customer information, there will be different contents targeted to the him by email, sms, advertising. Affluent customers will receive different contents (in email newsletters, sms, banner ads remarketing) from a high-income customer who is wondering about the completion period of the project.

From the perspective of a marketer: setting up a good marketing automation process can save you a lot of time and at the same time improve the effectiveness of advertising significantly. With the development of CRM and marketing tools now, 2016 marketing automation will become the standard that everyone is looking forward to.

11. Omni-channel: multi-channel experience


Source: pinterest

Omni-channel is an orientation in which you reach customers in a variety of channels and provide them with uninterrupted experiences on any channel, whether on the Web or at the store. Again the CRM system shows its importance in helping you identify the customer who left the information on the website and the person who comes to the store as the same person and thereby interact and give them a more complete experience.

From a marketer perspective: creating an uninterrupted experience across all channels and in all means for the consumer should be the target of all marketers.

12. Viewable impression is the new standard


Source: conversion.vn

Did you know that up to 56% of display banners are never seen? Did you know that Vietnam is the world leader in the click fraud rate and this is nearly twice as high as in Canada. These factors make many people doubt the quality of inventory display and the effectiveness of this advertising channel. In this context, Google has come up with a solution that is viewable impressions, ie only those ads that are likely to be seen by users will be counted. How to count the viewable impression with the current IAB standard is that at least 50% of the area of ​​the ad must be within the display range for at least 1 second and at least 2 seconds with videos.

From a marketer perspective: These Google innovations will definitely help reduce the click fraud situation and improve the quality of the inventory. As a marketer, the viewable impression index should now be the actual metric you should use to calculate your CTR, CPM, CPC, CPA, not the common impression.

13. Data scientist is the hot new job


Source: pinterest

You have a database of hundreds of thousands of customers, each with different properties that make up a big data store and that certainly is not the only big data store. There is also information about the website, about the user interaction, traffic, sales process, delivery, etc. You have a lot of big data … but then? If you can not analyze and interpret the data into clear figures and turn those numbers into meaningful solutions, big data is useless. Data scientist is a necessary factor in solving this problem.

Data scientist is a very logical and analytical person with knowledge of programming and database, proficient in extracting, filtering, classifying and refining data. They are also very good at communicating by visualizing numbers in graphs and images to explain to others, especially the boss, about the meaning of the data. They also have a good understanding of the business, products and processes that can come from those data and numbers that provide concrete and practical solutions to improve the efficiency.

From a marketer perspective: The right type of people who are suitable to be data scientists is not easy to find, but the writer believes that if anyone can lead the way to being a data scientist, then no one else is more than a digital marketer. You have the knowledge of technology, knowledge of data and numbers and understand your market, products more than anyone else. And I’m currently seeing a new wave of young people who are shaping and developing in that direction.

Hope this article is useful for all of you. Leave a comment below if you have any.

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