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As recently some of you have asked me about the general data of the Digital Vietnam market but must be the freshest to put in your proposals, planning, report for meeting customers or presenting to the boss.

Who usually roam the digital groups will probably find that those information is shared a lot but slightly scattered and easy to get drifted away. I did gather all of those in a place here, if you find it necessary to refer to have the data as well as to understand more about the digital picture in Vietnam.

Some criteria used when I add the below recommendations are:

  1. The studies are conducted by large companies or by who specialized in the field they do
  2. These are the latest, most recent data (2015 – 2016)
  3. These data have a full legimate source

However, you should be noted that:

  1. These studies are not exactly accurate data, you need to rely on your knowledge and experience or self-cross-check with other sources to verify.
  2. If you use data to add to the proposal, it should also be customized for the customer, not everyone is interested in the general information such as the number of mobile users or the usage duration of a mobile user. Information should only be included when it’s relevant, not for decorating.
  3. The research and search for this material are not so difficult. You just only have to think of the keywords you need to find and go to Google or sites like Slideshare, there are myriads of things there for you.
  4. Be sure to look carefully at who posted the research / report and the information is. Does he/she cite the source of the information? Do the research refer to the research method and involve the number of sample used?
  5. In addition to these general data, you will also need specific data of each industry to help your proposal or plan be more complete,

1. Digital market data of Vietnam

Digital in 2016

By We Are Social Singapore

537 pages, uploaded 1/2016


A report from We Are Social talks about internet, social media and mobile usage issues around the world, including data from Southeast Asia, including Vietnam; digital information of about 30 prominent countries (including Vietnam). Data in this report are generalized, receptive, viewable to capture trends. The Executive Summary version can also be found here

Vietnam Consumer Trend 2016

By Cimigo

17 pages, uploaded 4/2016


A short report from Cimigo’s market research firm on consumer trends in Vietnam in 2016 and how fast the transformation from 2015 to 2016 will be and how it will affect consumer purchasing priorities?

Vietnam Digital Landscape Q3 / 2015


49 pages, posted 10/2015


MOORE’s report on Vietnam’s digital background in 2015, the data mainly comes from Google, Facebook, Nielsen and some other sources, a few from MOORE. This report is like a synthesis and can be used for reference

Vietnam Internet User Behavior Q1 / 2016


57 pages, uploaded 3/2016


MOORE’s report on user behavior, a synthesis like the previous one and can be used for reference

Vietnam Mobile Report Q3 2016

By Appota

19 pages, uploaded 1/2016


The research was done by Appota (borrowed data from Google, App Annie) in Vietnam’s mobile market with indicators related to user behavior and the apps that they installed the most in 2016 until Q3. It is useful for those who usually have to deal with app install or game segments

Vietnam E-commerce Report 2016

By Asia Plus Inc.

63 pages, posted 7/2016


A research on Vietnamese e-commerce market and Vietnamese consumers’ habits. It was conducted by Asia Plus Inc and will be useful for those who are in need of reports on the online shopping market in Vietnam, the reasons why people choose to shop online and why they do not.

The Need for Speed – Giving Vietnamese Consumer What They Want

By Nielsen

55 pages, uploaded 3/2015


A research from Nielsen on Vietnamese consumers and what they expect from brands: convenience and speed. The portrait of convenience-prefered customers includes four groups: students, newbies at work, working mothers and housewives. The research shows that the increasing presence of convenience stores in Vietnam indicates the trend of upcoming shopping. This is helpful for those who need information about shopping, convenience chains and these groups of customers.

Study About Online Shopping Behavior in Vietnam

By DI-Marketing

30 pages, 8/2016


A study on online shopping behavior in Vietnam, conducted by DI-Marketing. The method of this study is to conduct an online survey with a sample of about 600 people across the country. The research also compares the major e-commerce brands in Vietnam such as Lazada, Tiki, Sendo in terms of brand awareness, market share, and purchased product groups at these sites. It is useful if you need information about e-commerce but should be considered for reference only as this is an online survey and the relative sample is not big enough.

Study About Mobile Game Market in Vietnam

By DI-Marketing

40 pages, uploaded 11/2016


A research on mobile game market in Vietnam by DI-Marketing. The method of this study is to conduct an online survey with a sample of about 900 people across the country.

The report contains some useful information for those who need to find out about Vietnam’s mobile gaming market

2. Digital and world trends data

Internet Trend Report 2016 – Code Reference

By Mary Meeker

213 pages, published 5/2016


The annual report by Mary Meeker has so far been regarded as rather accurate and predictable in terms of trends for the year, summarizing the key indicators of the global digital landscape. It is useful if you want to grasp the world’s situation and trends

Digital in 2016 – Executive Summary

By Edelman.com

30 pages, published on 1/2016


Digital Market Trends in 2016 from Edelman, the world’s leading marketing & communications company. It is recommended for management levels to assess the current trends and digital trends.

Key Digital Trend for 2016

By Social @ Ogilvy

80 pages, uploaded 12/2015


A slide presentation from Marshall Manson and James Whatley which summarizes the trends of 2015 and how those trends will turn into 2016, what new trends are emerging and what should be done with those trends

3. Tools for market research

Google Consumer Barometer

Google created a dedicated tools for you to filter data, create beautiful graphs so why not using it? Data comes from Google? It seems like reliable.

Popular Brand Index

Summary of market research findings on brand awareness in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam based on PBI. For Vietnam, mainly FMCG and Electronics. These indicators come from the studies of the consulting group W & S Asia

Hopefully some of these will be useful for you. If there is any useful report about/for the digital market in Vietnam then please share in the comment section below.

I will update these data when there are newer versions

Best regards,

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