New Advertising Methods that You May Not Know Yet

Nowadays, when it comes to advertising on digital channels, people usually think of popular advertising methods like paid search, Facebook ads, display ads, email, etc. However, with the development of technology and new trends, many new advertising methods also came up to cater to different...
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An Overview about the Display Advertising Ecosystem

Are you working in a publisher, adnetwork? Are you a planner in an agency? Or do you run ads campagins on Google Display Network (GDN) or Demand Site Platform (DSP) by yourself? You must be familiar with the display advertising with advertising forms and another...
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How to Better Optimize Your Ads

In advertising the measurement and analysis of data is an integral part of the optimization process to achieve the highest return on investment costs. Before going into the analysis of advertising effectiveness from channels, some basic and shortcoming definition of existing advertising channels will make it...
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Advertising on OTT Chat Applications

What is OTT? Before we talk about advertising on OTT applications, let’s go through some basic information for who don’t know much about this field can have a better look. OTT has a variety of applications ranging from communication, media to transportation, but within this...
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When Facebook Page Metrics Lose Theirs Values

Facebook is now a very popular advertising channel in Vietnam, with most major brands having their own fan page and we may find offer for Facebook advertising services everywhere from agencies to groups and individuals. As with Google, the advertisers will look at the metrics...
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Wearables – the New Advertising Battle Field

What is Wearabale? Wearable’s rough translation is “what can be worn, carried on the body”. But in the age of technology, it is more commonly known as a word used to refer to all accessories that incorporate computer processors, electronic technology and other useful features...
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