Mobile Analytics And Everything You Need To Know

One of the reasons that many marketers are reluctant to spend more money on the mobile segment while users spend a huge time on mobile devices is about measuring ad performance on mobile devices (mobile analytics), which is still challenging. However, this does not mean...
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The Upcoming of FSO – Facebook Search Optimization

Facebook intrudes into the search field Facebook has officially announced that from now on you can search for any kind of information with the Search feature of Facebook. Before you can only search for posts by yourself and your friends, but from now on you...
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Google Analytics and Why It Is Inaccurate

Google Analytics is, without any argument, the most popular analyzing tool today, with the ability to capture all user activity on the website and provide you with detailed reports. As with all kinds of tracking tools, Google Analytics can only provide you with numbers, data...
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To Spam or not to Spam in Advertising

Source: pinterest This article is on the occasion when a young guy write a share about: “No money / Not knowing how to run Adwords ads, Facebook then we have no choice but to spam?” Personally I have some thoughts on this and reply to...
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A Collection of Useful SEO Tools

Today’s SEO is much different from the past and actually becoming more complex with more to do. The daily work of SEOers can include keyword research, onsite optimization, competitive research, link building, keyword rank tracking, reporting, etc. This article sums up some Useful SEO tools...
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A Collection of Tools that Support Digital Marketer

Because of the nature of the job, digital marketers will have to interact with a variety of channels and perform a variety of tasks from planning, research, execution to reporting. We are also required to be active so that we can handle the work anytime...
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The End of Free Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and without doubt one of the most used platforms for advertising today. Every service, company, brand in addition to the need to have a website is required to have a page on Facebook to reach their customers on...
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Raise the Conversion Rate for Your E-commerce Website

What is conversion rate? Conversion rate (CR) is the metric measuring how potential customers become the real customers when they buy your product or service. This CR index is usually the percentage of customers compared to the total number of visits of the entire website...
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