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Nên Spam Hay Không Spam Trong Quảng Cáo?

Nguồn: pinterest Bài viết này là nhân tiện có 1 bạn trẻ viết một chia sẽ về việc: “Không có tiền / không biết cách chạy quảng cáo Adwords, Facebook thì phải spam thôi chứ biết làm sao?” Cá nhân mình có một số suy...
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How to Better Optimize Your Ads

In advertising the measurement and analysis of data is an integral part of the optimization process to achieve the highest return on investment costs. Before going into the analysis of advertising effectiveness from channels, some basic and shortcoming definition of existing advertising channels will make it...
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5 Heplful A/B Testing and Analytical Tools

Measurement, testing, and evaluation to continually improve quality and design on the website are integral parts of your job if you want to increase your conversions and supposedly what you need to do every day. What is A / B testing and how does it...
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The End of Free Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, and without doubt one of the most used platforms for advertising today. Every service, company, brand in addition to the need to have a website is required to have a page on Facebook to reach their customers on...
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